Hanna Rosti studies nocturnal mammals, Tree Hyrax and dwarf Galagos in Kenya’s mountain forests. In the night forest, only red light is used, as it is not seen by the animals, and they continue their lives regardless of the scientists. These animals are probably species not yet described in science. Tree Hyrax are relatives to elephants living in trees that only Hanna Rosti has been able to photograph with a hand-held camera. The tiny dwarf Galagos are small, about the size of a squirrel. Both species are infinitely sensitive and almost extinct. Read more about the research here https://animalstaita.com/

Only red light is used, as it is not seen by the animals.

Hanna uses Fenix TK25 RED, and Fenix HT18 flashlights. There are also plans to use the Fenix TK25IR light for night photography to help with video recording.

Picture: Hanna's Fenix flashlights and accessories.