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Safety Helmets

For Plasma AQ Helmets
This adaptor is required to mount Ear Defenders to the Plasma AQ Helmets.Co..
18.50€ Ex Tax:14.92€
For KASK Zenith Helmet
For your facial protection needs on site, the KASK Zen Helmet Visor is the ..
53.00€ Ex Tax:42.74€
For KASK Plasma AQ Safety Helmet
The Polycarbonate retractable visor system is certified to EN166 for safety..
44.00€ Ex Tax:35.48€
The Ultimate in Head Protection
KASK’s Plasma Helmet is built with an outer shell manufactured from high-de..
89.00€ Ex Tax:71.77€
Safety Helmet for Electrical Hazards
The Zenith safety helmet from KASK brings a Class E rating (protection from..
99.00€ Ex Tax:79.84€
For KASK ZEN Retractable Visor
KASK ZEN Visor Adapters for mounting ZEN Retractable Visor with Zenith safe..
14.50€ Ex Tax:11.69€
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