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Fenix Ambassador Program
If you love Fenix products and want to share your experiences also to others, we would love to see your submission into our Fenix Ambassador Program. What is a Fenix Ambassador? People who are willing to share photos and videos, stories and reviews of our products. Ambassadors must submit a written review for each product they use and must be actively involved in the program (minimum of at least one review per year, actively promoting and engaging on social media like Facebook, Instagram etc.,). Fenix Ambassadors may not promote products that are direct competitors of Fenix.
As a Fenix Ambassador you will be eligible for greatly discounted product, friend and family discounts, and possible financial compensation or free products (depending on special projects).

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02 Mar Hanna Rosti, PhD candidate in Wildlife Biology Research, University of Helsinki, Finland
Fenix 0 1568
Hanna Rosti studies nocturnal mammals, Tree Hyrax and dwarf Galagos in Kenya’s mountain forests. In the night forest, only red light is used, as it is..
30 Sep Susanna Ylinen, Endurance Athlete
Fenix 0 2428
Susanna Ylinen is a versatile endurance athlete who actively competes in e.g. in trail running and mountain biking.Getting around is a way of life and..
30 Sep Kalle Kauppinen, Mountain Biker
Fenix 0 2661
Many people remembers Kalle Kauppinen as a biathlete, but fewer know that he enjoys mountain biking at the national level.I like long trips where endu..
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