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Check Authenticity and Support Coverage

The dangers of buying grey imported or counterfeit products aren't always obvious.

Check your Fenix Authenticity and Support Status. Enter a serial number to review your eligibility for support and extended 6 months coverage.

All the products manufactured by Fenix have been marked with a unique 11-digit serial number, consisting of letters and numbers. When you input serial number, the related information will be displayed. All letters among the serial number are capital, and neither "O" nor "I" is of existence in the number.

You can search only those flashlights that has been manufactured after 2018.

There can be several reasons preventing you to find your serial number such as: your flashlight is grey imported, is not aquired from Authorized Fenix Dealer, it can be counterfeit, it is manufactured before 2018. In any unclear situation, please contact our Customer Service Team.