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Small Gear Retractor/Tether
High Break Strength, Salt Water Proof, Self-FlushingKeeps Gear HandyPrevent..
25.00€ Ex Tax:20.16€
Gear Keeper RT2-0040 Gear Keeper RT2-0040
Small Gear Retractor/Tether
Keeps Gear HandyPrevents Loss and DamageFor Gear up to 85 gr (3 oz)Use for ..
25.00€ Ex Tax:20.16€
Large Scuba Flashlight / Camera Retractor
No more hanging a flashlight or camera from your wrist!The ideal solution f..
36.00€ Ex Tax:29.03€
Scuba Console Retractor Deluxe
Keeps Console Close at Hand, Easy to UseSuper Force models are necessary fo..
34.00€ Ex Tax:27.42€
Scuba Console Compact Retractor
Use for Small Scuba Gear like Flashlight (4x AA or 2xC), Single Computer, C..
29.90€ Ex Tax:24.11€
Micro Scuba Retractor
High Break Strength, Salt Water Proof, Self-FlushingSnap Clip attaches to D..
17.50€ Ex Tax:14.11€
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