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Battery eneloop AA 1900 mAh 8 Wide blister

Battery eneloop AA 1900 mAh 8 Wide blister
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Ready-to-use Panasonic next generation nickel metal hydride battery. Panasonic eneloop features great improvements in self-discharge properties (residual ratio after three years of non use is 75 %, in temperature conditions of 22 degree Celsius according to Panasonic research). Eneloop is a rechargeable battery that can challenge dry cell batteries in user-friendliness through features such as immediately usable after purchase or once charged, its ability to be used anytime.

  • Cycles up to 2100 times
  • Self-Discharge: 70% after 10 years
  • Applications: medium-to-high power consumption devices

Technical details

Features (batteries)
CategoryRechargeable battery
DimensionsAA (LR6)
Nominal voltage1,2 V
Capacity1900 mAh
Operating temperatureLow temperature resistance - 20 degree Celsius
Warranty12 months
IncludesBlister with 8 pcs


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