Many people remembers Kalle Kauppinen as a biathlete, but fewer know that he enjoys mountain biking at the national level.

I like long trips where endurance really gets a pound.
Kalle started mountain biking in 2009. First jogging with a group of friends and later participating in competitions. At the moment, Kalle is competing at the top end of the Finnish national level, of which several wins in mountain biking competitions.

Yes, mountain biking is also a lot of fun for me, and not so much a fuss. I like long trips where endurance really comes to the fore, says Kauppinen, who accumulates a few thousand kilometers a year.

And the skis haven't got into a corner either, as Kalle is also active in the winter.
The BC30R bike light is the Kalle's handlebar light and the HM65R SUPERRAPTOR is the headlamp.